New Product: Anthem AVM 50 Preamp/Processor

TIPPING THE SCALER The absolute best that high-def video can look is the en vogue 1080p format, which floods your screen with more than 2 million pixels as often as every sixtieth of a second (assuming you have a 1080p-resolution TV). That's a lot to ask of any piece of gear, but Anthem's AVM 50 takes it in stride, not just delivering the überHD format from its four HDMI inputs, but also upconverting all component- and S-video sources to 1080p via a Gennum VXP processor. So standard-def stuff like DVDs and regular TV looks pretty hot, too.

SPREAD THE PIXELS A second component-video output can send high-def video to a second zone - for when you want to watch HBO-HD and the kids are geared up for Cars on Blu-ray. $4,699 905-362-0958

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