Polk's New Wireless Speaker: A Stylish Chameleon

Polk plans to release a stylish portable Wifi speaker this March, the Omni S2.

The S2 works on it’s own as a standalone speaker, or can be connected with other wireless Polk speakers through the Play Fi enabled Polk Omni App. With use of the app, you can listen to the same music in various rooms, or different songs in each speaker. The Omni S2 is slightly smaller than a loaf of bread, and has two 50mm drivers and two passive radiators. Connectivity is 2.4 gHz and 5.8 gHz, with an analog input on the back.

What’s nice about the Omni S2 is that Polk’s team wanted it to fit into whatever decor or setting you carried the S2 into, so they made the fabric grill cover removable and have several stylish and fun designs to choose from. The demo we heard sounded as though this little speaker has a good bit of volume as well, but once we get a review sample, we can give you a non-CES idea of how good they sound in a home setting. The Omni S2 will retail for $180.