New iPort Audio Keypad is xPressly for Sonos

iPort’s new xPress Audio Keypad is a small, low-power Wi-Fi-equipped keypad that can be set up to control any Sonos device directly. The keypad offers some of the most commonly used functions, such as Play/Pause, Track Forward, Volume Control and toggling through Sonos Favorites.

The xPress Audio Keypad incorporates a number of clever design features. In addition to being wireless, the Keypad is also battery powered using an internal rechargeable battery. It has a Decora form factor, so it can be installed on a wall where it will look much like a standard Decora-style light switch. In fact, the Keypad can also be nmounted in multi-gang wall plates alongside other switches.

The back of the Keypad is magnetic, so it will cling to metal surfaces around the house. (Refrigerator door, anyone?) Included with the Keypad are xPress Magnetic Wall Adapters that can be attached to non-metallic surfaces, allowing the Keypad to be grabbed from its mounting location for handheld use and then returned to the magnetic adapter. Magnetic adapters can also be placed behind Decora-style wall plates, providing the best of both worlds: a non-descript on-wall keypad that closely resembles of light switch, as well as a handheld keypad that can be easily removed and replaced in the wall plate.

iPort says that the xPress Audio Keypad “can be set up in just minutes via a simple iOS app to control any Sonos device directly.”

The iPort xPress Audio Keypad is the company’s first product to come as a result of being one of Sonos’s newly minted Endorsed Integration Partners program. The Keypad will carry a retail price of $99.99/each. It is available for pre-order now.