New Gear: The TV Shield

Looking to get your TV fix out of doors, but worried a bit about the elements, or perhaps the occasional errant baseball? The new TV Shield has your back. Well, really it's got you covered on all sides.

The Lexan enclosure is currently available in two sizes. The small ($389) fits sets from 19 to 26 inches, while the large ($499) covers TVs from 30 to 42 inches; a verision suitable for TVs up to 55 inches should be available this summer. Whichever you choose, it should protect your screen from everything from bugs and rain to golf balls and mild vandalism (the manufacturer claims to have subjected the units to a range of common threats, including "high powered pellet guns, baseballs, golf balls and a hammer," and backs the product with a 20 year money back guarantee. 

The enclosures may seem pricey, but if you're looking to move the party outside, they do let you repurpose the traditional set of your choosing instead of investing in an even pricier outdoor-specific unit.

The lens is said to be optically transparent; the sealed enclosure itself, made of high molecular weight polyethylene, is water-resistant as well as being impact resistant (the lens, being lexan, obviously is impact-reistant as well. It mounts with standard VESA hardware, using a minimal amount of drilling (the rear is prescored, to cut down on the number of points for potential moisture entry.

Get yourself a set of outdoor speakers, and you're all set to open your own tiki bar.