New Gear: iHome iP76 Color Changing Tower Speaker System

We came across the new iHome iP76 ($199) at the CEA Line Shows earlier this month, the glowing, pulsing, three-foot-tall tower speaker seemed like the kind of thing you might see nestled beside some fancy tobacco smoking gear. But we've liked iHome's iOS docks pretty well, and hey - if you're interested in letting your freak flag fly, we're all for it.

On a more serious note, the iP76 offers both 30-pin docking (for iPod and iPhone only; there's no physical iPad support) and Bluetooth connectivity, plus an auxiliary input jack, so you should be able to use it with the source of your shoice. The LEDs in the translucent cabinet can be set to a number of modes - color fade, static color, pulse to music, dimmable mood lighting for those romantic moments, and, of course, strobe.

So pick it up, fire up Dark Side of the Moon and/or whatever else you have on hand, and enjoy.