Neflix to Recommend TVs

While it was at the LG press conference that Netflix announced its Netflix Recommended TV program, it was Hisense who made a point of letting booth visitors know that their TV made the list. This is a little misleading. Netflix stated that Roku TVs are expected to make the list but didn’t specifically name Hisense who makes a Roku TV. Sony, LG, Sharp, and VIZIO are some of the manufacturers whose names are expected to be the first to receive a Netflix Recommended TV logo.

In the company’s press releases, Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt said that the Recommended TV logo will go to smart TVs that offer better performance, easier menu navigation, and new features that improve the experience for Internet TV services. He explained, “When you see a TV with the Netflix Recommended TV logo, it means that TV will provide an excellent Netflix experience, based on criteria our members tell us matter most.” Performance criteria is expected to include instant TV on, faster app launch and faster resume of playback. The program thats launch in spring will identify TVs at different price points to receive the Recommended TV logo.

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In my experience Apple TV has the best Netflix menu as it displays the entire catalog and has multiple search criteria as it is essentially a copy of it's itunes interface.