Nakymatone Easily Turns Walls into Sound Walls

Nakymatone has a unique approach to invisible in-wall sound with two stealthy speakers called the Echt and the Mooi. Both speakers measure 23” x 9.75” x 3.5” (H x W x D) but are designed to be fit behind drywall using a 16 5/8” x 9.75” (H x W) hole. The speakers utilize a special removable handle that allows installers to slide the speaker into the hole and then pull it flush up against the drywall before fastening it in place an applying a 1/16” plaster skim to blend it in with the surface of the wall. The acoustic panel consists of an aluminum honeycomb core with doped paper skin. Both models have a sealed, acoustically tuned aluminum enclosure; while the higher-end Echt’s enclosure is also anodized for higher performance sound quality.

According to Nakymatone, the frequency response of the Mooi is 75 Hz - 20 kHz. The response of the Echt is 60 Hz - 20 kHz. Both feature a 180-degree dispersion pattern with within 2 dB across the rated frequency range.

Nakymatone claims their speakers are the only “invisible” speakers with an acoustically tune, closed cabinet - a design that eliminate “sound bleeding” into adjacent rooms. Another benefit of the closed-back design is that the acoustical properties of the speaker can be specifically tailored to take advantage of the enclosure’s size.

Because it’s difficult to explain how unusual the new Nakymatone speakers are when it comes to installation, the video (from Nakymatone) embedded below may help clarify exactly how quick and easy the process is.

The pricing of the Echt and Mooi speakers are $3,000/pair and $2,000/pair, respectively. Both models are available now.

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Certainly other vendors offer ostensibly sealed back boxes for their invisible speakers either Metal (fire proof) or wood/mdf.

Certainly other vendors invisible speakers are easier to install and attach to the *studs* rather than the 6 screws that this model uses to attach to the sheet rock. Also others only have to plaster the (non moving) edge, not the whole face (Diaphragm)of the speaker with 1/6 of mud. I suspect that the competitions models that are thusly described probably sound better as well!

I think this new entry product from Nakymatone will have a rough go at it.

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The comment posted by TimS begged for a response from someone who has had experience with the Nakymatone product.
Of course other manufacturers of invisible type speakers offer a sealed back box...if not, run in the opposite direction.
What makes the Nakymatone unique is that the back box is part of the build of the product. Benefit? Nothing else to worry about at the install site. Some other manufacturers do include the back box, but a number of them sell it as an option.
If the installer forgets to install them before installing the speakers the sound performance will be negatively affected.
Further, the designer and builder of the Nakymatone Invisible speakers has taken into account that sound will travel out the back and into adjacent rooms behind the installation.
To offset this, sound dampening material has been placed in the enclosure.
All guests who visited the Nakymatone booth at CEDIA 2014 were invited by the Nakymatone team to go around to the back of the booth to listen for sound coming through...there was none.
The volume was raised to high levels to prove this point.
As for the ease of installation of these speakers versus the competition, all you need do is visit the Nakymatone Invisible loudspeaker website and view the posted install video and then visit the competitors website for their install video.
As they say, a picture or in this case a video, is worth a million words. Enough said on that topic.
Will Nakymatone have a rough go of it as suggested by TimS?
What new company hasn't.
However, Nakymatone has been selling their speaker products successfully in their home market (designed and built in Ontario, Canada) and based on the performance and acceptance of the product at CEDIA 2014, the future looks bright.
Nakymatone has a solution that works.
All one needs do is give them a listen before writing them off.
I have experienced them (and other brands) and I stand by my comments.