NAD Streams, Bluesound Goes Gen 2

NAD is filling a rack with streaming joy.

At the top of the rack is the CI 580 Wireless Streaming Music Player ($1299), which supports four zones. To provide amplification, add the CI 720 Power Network Zone Amp ($799), with two watts times 60. The RM720 rack itself sells for $299 and supports up to six of the amps.

Elsewhere in the same booth, NAD's stablemate Bluesound was showing off the second generation of its network audio products. They start with the Node 2 Wireless Streaming Player ($499). The lone analog input on the previous generation has been joined by digital coaxial in, headphone in, and higher-speed USB in addition to sub and trigger outs. It connects to your existing system and can learn your cable box remote codes. The Vault 2 ($1199) is a step-up version of the player adding 2 TB of storage and bit-perfect CD ripping (the formerly vertical slot is now horizontal). Bluesound's all-in-one wireless speaker systems include the Pulse 2 ($699), Pulse Mini ($499), and Pulse Flex ($299), the latter with optional battery pack.

While PSB had a comparatively low profile at this show, we did get a look at the CS2000 powered outdoor speaker, price to be announced.