The Muppets

As a product of the Muppets generation I had high hopes for their return to the silver screen and eventually Blu-ray, but color me very disappointed. While the technical aspects of the Blu-ray are pure reference-quality with amazing detail, vibrant colors, and enveloping surround sound, the script leaves a lot to be desired with uninspiring human characters, a paint by numbers script, and middling musical numbers—and no, I don't think "Man or Muppet" should have won the Oscar. My kids have generally liked the Muppet productions but were just as disappointed in this one as I was, but at least it looked and sounded great and is a worthy candidate for showing off your gear.

Life's a happy song

  • Chapter 2, 00:07:32
  • Detail, color saturation
  • Look how the primary colors burst off the screen, how clear every building is in the background, and how the Smalltown public works department needs to repair the massive cracks in the street.

Getting the gang back together

  • Chapter 5, 00:32:47
  • Detail, color saturation
  • As the gang gets back together, check out this scene in the car (pictured above). Notice how vibrant the colors are and how much depth there is in the image.

Theater cleanup

  • Chapter 8, 00:44:46
  • Surround envelopment
  • When the Muppets start cleaning up the old theaters they put on some tunes to work by. Listen how the popular 1980s song blasts through the soundstage with crisp highs and a solid midrange.

Release Date: March 20, 2012
Studio: Disney

kevon27's picture

Excellent visuals could not keep me from falling asleep on this movie. I enjoyed the Muppets from my childhood days but I really think it's time to put these characters to rest.