More LCDs, Less Wires

Westinghouse's new TX Series of 1080p LCDs includes 42-, 47-, and 52-inch models, all of which allow you to output 1080p through all HD-capable connections, including component video. The series' release date is listed as March 2008, and prices are expected to range from $1199 to $2499. The 47-inch model will be offered in both a standard 60 Hz model and in a 120 Hz option. The company is also releasing a full complement of 720p panels at lower price points.

I also got a sneek peak inside the concept room (a popular theme at this year's show), in which Westinghouse was demonstrating their wireless HD transmission system. Based on Pulse~LINK's CWave Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology, the system will feature a small black box (the prototype is pictured here) that transmits signals wirelessly from connected sources to the receiver embedded in the TV. Right now, it's just in the concept phase, but the company hopes to make the system available in the digital signage market in Q2, and maybe to general consumers by the end of the year.