Monster Shines a Light with the Firecracker Bluetooth Speaker

Don’t you just hate it when you have the greatest photo op but the lighting is all wrong? Break out the Monster Firecracker Bluetooth Speaker to light up any situation. Monster is bringing back the boombox mentality with a new lineup up portable Bluetooth speakers, and they are most excited about the new little Firecracker, with a built-in flashlight.

Monster’s new Firecracker has a powerful 5000K 500-lumen light on one end of the player. Monster claims it’s designed to be used as a photo fill light, but personally, I think it makes a great flashlight to find your way back from the beach after using the Firecracker at a beach party. The Firecracker is splash-resistant with an IPX-5 rating. The power and 3.5mm aux input are behind a water-resistant sealed port.

The Firecracker will play for up to 25 hours on a single charge, and it also has a USB charging port to charge your phone. The flashlight will shine for up to 7 hours.

The Firecracker has two full-range drivers and a passive bass radiator. When pushed, the bass is powerful enough to send the Firecracker bouncing across the table, so be sure to use it on a solid surface. Pairing is easy enough via Bluetooth, but it also features NFC for easier pairing. A built-in microphone makes it easy to take phone calls on the go.

The Firecracker is available in black, gold, red or green camo. It will retail for $130 in March, 2017.