Monster High Def Music- A Ludacris Idea

Monster Cable’s Head Monster, Noel Lee, announced today that Monster Music will be releasing “Theater of the Mind,” the new album by hip hop superstar Ludacris. The “HDS” format of Monster Music allows their discs to be played in any DVD player producing high performance surround sound. The new Ludacris offering will be released on Blu-ray Disc in high definition lossless 7.1 surround sound that can be played on a Blu-ray player without the need for special audio decoders.

Ludacris describes his new album as one that was created to be listened to from beginning to end so that it will put the listener in an imaginative state. Plop it into a BD player, add some high performance speakers and a decent AV receiver and I bet the sound will bring Ludacris into your room and leave little to be imagined.

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Boycott Monster Cable.

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Screw Monster Cable and that IDIOT who leads them. I use them as packing material for my more expensive shipments. After they sicked their attorney on me for selling items on ebay(they are using laws designed for a totally different purpose to hurt small business and support inflated prices for sub-standard cables) available for shipment to non-us locations. I should be able to buy something at Wal-Mart or Best Buy at a sale price and sell it to anyone I choose without Monster Lawyers saying shit to me. Hopefully I dont see the owner of Monster Cable in a dark alley one night...if I ever do get him alone "It's On"! He will need a doctor, not a lawyer!

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What a Tool. Monster blows