Monster Cable Brings High End Power Protection to Value Power Protectors

In years past, one would walk into the Monster exhibit booth and see behemoth power conditioners/power protectors for high-end home theaters. So, imagine my amazement at the Monster Cable CEDIA press conference, when head Monster, Noel Lee, declared that the company would be leaving high performance power center innovation to its competitors at this CEDIA Expo. Instead, Lee presented a Monster Power line of value-priced power bars topping out at $40. Noel explained that Monster was adding power center features--Clean Power, USB Power and others--to the value line at a price point where customers can have them in every room of the house. Lee explained that the many people have a plethora of electronics devices and that they need to protect them in the bedroom, office, kids room, etc. The line has been priced affordably so consumers can buy multiple power protectors.