Millson's Super Stealthy CinemaFrame Puts TV in the Wall

What do you do if you want to have a terrific sound system, the low bass impact of a subwoofer, access to all the modern sources, full control and power management, and see absolutely nothing except the video display on the wall? The answer very well may be, “You use Millson Custom Solutions’ new CinemaFrame.”

Shown in its completed form in the opening image, CinemaFrame is the brainchild of a custom integration firm that has been designing and installing high-end projects for years, and the company has turned some of that knowledge into a product that is now available for sale. The result is an uber clean, professional look that delivers terrific, repeatable performance that can be trimmed out and installed in minutes for a perfect job every time.

During the construction phase, the back box is installed in the stud walls, and all wiring is routed into the custom fabricated can. The electrician brings in a single high-voltage electrical line which is routed down the left side of the can away from all of the low-voltage wiring on the right side to avoid any noise or interference. A heavy duty piece of fitted cardboard secures to the can and shields the interior from any dust or damage, insuring that all the wiring remains safe and clean until it is time for trim out.

After the sheetrock is installed, the installer returns and trims in the modules. The CinemaFrame system includes all speakers, amplification, power, and subwoofer, and Millson says it installs perfectly every time in under five minutes. The installer can use his—or the end-user’s—desired choice of source components such as cable boxes, Sonos, etc. as well as control system, which also secures and wires out of sight inside the can.

For reliability, Millson uses IP controlled power modules that can be remotely cycled by either the homeowner or the integrator in case something needs to be rebooted. The system includes 12-channels of amplification to drive the subwoofer and internal LCR speakers with bi-amplification, and features processing and amp channels to drive a full blown 7-channel system using any side and surround speakers the homeowner would like.

The system supports TV sizes from 46-70 inches and can be finished out in one of hundreds of acoustically transparent fabrics to match the look and décor of the room. Smartly, a local source wall plate is also provided in case the homeowner wants to connect a laptop or gaming system, giving them easy access to additional HDMI, LAN and analog connections. Systems are built to order and pricing was not given at the show.