Microlab FC10 Desktop Speakers Prove Function Trumps Fashion

It takes a lot to design a killer-looking speaker, but perhaps that money is better spent on sound quality. Ever practical, the designers at China’s Microlab put all their budget into making the FC10 ($77) good quality speakers that look nice in person, but they most certainly veer away from the sleek and swoopy design that Apple designers have deemed essential. They have a clean and simple look, lacking the curved aesthetic that most products embrace these days. The FC10 are wedge-shaped speakers designed to solidly surround any laptop - Apple or otherwise; the pair weighs 4.41 lbs.

I had a nice long chat with the CEO. He made a very valid point that desktop computers, and therefore desktop speakers are making a comeback. While people love their tablets and iPhones, they still need a home computer, so they’re getting the size and power they want in all-in-ones and desktops, and in his opinion, leaving laptops in the dust. He’s hoping the FC10 will go right along side of them.

The Microlab FC10 triangular speakers are quite affordable, and powerful too. They are two-way speakers (0.5” tweeter, 2.25” woofer) powered by a 30-watt amplifier. Frequency range is 80 Hz - 20 kHz, and yeah, they lacked any serious deep bass. Each 3” x 6.5” x 6” x 6.5” cabinet has a metal grill and unique rubber sides with the controls on the side panel so it’s easy to control while seated at your desk. It is available in white, blue, pink and black.

These days, there are tons of cute speakers available. The FC10 is a functional stereo pair (a rarity, these days) with a good sound at a reasonable price. Sometimes, bringing home the practical product makes a lot more sense.