Meridian iRIS

If it were just another iPod dock, Meridian could be forgiven. But the iRIS ($390) actually takes video off your iPod – yeah, the sub-standard definition 240x320 pixel package you paid $1.99 for so you could catch up on an episode of Heroes during your staff meeting today – and upconverts it to 1080p. There was some mention that the iRIS will also have an s-video input so you could, according to Bob Stuart of Meridian, pass your laserdisc player's s-video output into the iRIS to take advantage of the Marvell's Qdeo video processing, which might be an interesting option.

We watched some Pirates through it and it did present a geometrically clean image but the colors were so mottled, I found it unwatchable. Or better put, taken from it's intended medium, a small handheld device where a 240x320 image could look good, it didn't.