MartinLogan Enables Dolby Atmos with Motion AFX

While the best Dolby Atmos systems arguably feature speakers placed in or on the ceiling over the listening position, sometimes that isn’t possible. Whether it is due to wiring issues or ceiling construction, if you can’t place speakers over your listening position, that doesn’t mean that you are out of luck when it comes to enjoying Dolby Atmos. And for MartinLogan speaker owners, the new Motion AFX Atmos Enabled Speaker lets them simply place the module on top of their existing speakers to still enjoy the benefits of this next generation, immersive surround audio format.

The Motion AFX modules feature an angled driver specifically designed to accurately create the necessary height layer by directing sound at the ceiling above listener’s heads. The speaker includes a 5.25-inch polypropylene cone bass/midrange driver and .75-inch aluminum dome tweeter. When asked, I was told that the folded motion tweeter used in MartinLogan’s other Motion-series speakers wasn’t beneficial when being used in the reflective application of the AFX speaker.

The Motion AFX’s shape and styling is designed to sit on top of MartinLogan Motion series floorstanding and bookshelf speakers including the Motion 15, 20 35X, 40, and 60XT. The Motion AFX speakers are available in gloss black finish and will sell for $599/pair and will begin shipping in November.