The Magic Number

When you walk into a Sony press event and all you see are a bunch of chairs, two teleprompters and a podium (well, that is after you see the table laid out with free food to attract reporters), you know Sony has another room somewhere nearby with the real goodies. And that's just the way it was this morning at the show.

Jeff Goldstein, VP of Marketing for the Home Audio/Video division talked about Sony's commitment to "Full HD 1080," a new marketing rallying cry committed to taking advantage of the preeminent market position Sony has defacto taken with the introduction of the first three chip 1080p projector, the VPL-VW100. That projector has rocketed to the number one sales slot in the over $3,000 front projector category (see my latest blog, The Biggest Most Bestest Country In the World!). Interestingly, the letter "p," as in "1080p," is absent on the new banner, but the press release indicates that, practically speaking, 1080i will also be the top resolution of some to the upcoming Sony products. The new 17" widescreen equipped Vaio VGN-AR190G laptop, for example, will output 1080p images (to the screen or via its HDMI output), but will only output your home movies on the built-in Blu-Ray disc burner in 1080i. That sounds good enough to me for now, considering high-def camcorders are still in their infancy.