Lutron System Makes Lighting Control More Affordable

Lutron Electronics announced an addition to the company’s lighting control systems, called RA2 Select. The new system incorporates select features from Lutron’s RadioRA 2 and Caseta Wireless systems, including Lutron’s Caseta Wireless that provides wireless communication capabilities for each system.

A major difference distinguishing the systems is that RA2 Select is scalable up to 100 devices, and additional components (up to a total of 100 in the system) can be added at any time. Caseta Wireless systems have a limit of only 50 devices, while RadioRA 2 can include up to 200 total devices. The types of devices that can be installed in a RA2 Select system also differs from the other two. RA2 Select products include: a black main repeater, up to four additional wireless repeaters, Maestro-style dimmers and switches, fan controls, new Pico scene keypads, plug-in dimming and appliance modules, Lutron wireless thermostats, and accessories. RadioRA 2 systems can include all of the above plus garage door openers, occupancy sensors, GRAFIK Eye QS, and more.

RA2 Select works with the following Lutron shading products: Sivoia QS Triathlon roller and honeycomb, as well as Sivoia QS wireless roller, Kirbe, honeycomb and drapery. RadioRA 2 is able to control a larger variety of Lutron window treatments, including Sivoia QS venetian blinds and tensioned shades in addition to the prior list. Caseta Wireless does not offer window treatment control.

Initial set up (overall programming and adding devices) of a RA2 Select system is completed by the installer using the new Lutron App. Once up and running, changes—including setting schedules and adding devices—can be done by the homeowner or the installer via the Lutron App. RadioRA 2 systems require extensive programming using a PC, and major changes, such as adding devices, must be done by the installer. Caseta Wireless is primarily a DIY system with no dealer required.

According to Lutron, the programming of a RA2 Select system significantly easier and quicker than that of a RadioRA 2 system for a variety of reasons. The new Pico scene keypads, for example, are available pre-engraved with common scenes for typical domestic activities. Additionally, Lutron’s standard Pico wireless remote controls are “automatically and intelligently pre-configured to the dimmers in the home with typical applications and light levels for that room type.” Programming is so easy, as a matter of fact, that Lutron claims “getting systems up and running in 15 minutes or less” is highly likely for most installations.

RA2 Select owners will have an easy upgrade path to a full-blown RadioRA 2 system and its extra devices and capabilities. RA2 Select systems are built around a Lutron RA2 Select Main Repeater. The hardware part of the upgrade can be accomplished by swapping out a RadioRA 2 Main Repeater for the existing RA2 Select Main Repeater. The programming for the system, however, has to be completely redone by a professional installer.

In addition to all of its inherent smart home capabilities, RA2 Select systems integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Sonos.

RA2 Select components are expected to be available by the end of this month. MSRPs were not announced.