LOKSAK’s SHIELDSAK Stops Electronic ID Thieves and Snoops

I’ve used LOKSAK’s awesome waterproof phone and tablet bags for a couple of years now, and I’m a huge fan. That’s because LOKSAK’s resealable, see-through, storage bags create a hermetic, airtight seal that prevents water from getting inside—or letting whatever is inside out—even when submerged down to 60 meters (200 ft). In addition to protecting against water, LOKSAK’s also protect against microscopic particles like dust and sand. They’re reusable and recyclable. You can make and receive phone calls while your phone is in a sealed LOKSAK, but the best feature of all is that all touchscreens work—including capacitance touch screens—inside the bag. Now LOKSAK has a new series of bags that protect against something even smaller than water molecules and microbes: RF (radio frequency) and IR (infrared).

In the simplest terms, LOKSAK’s new SHIELDSAK is a fabric Faraday cage. Made from a lightweight fabric, the SHIELDSAK bag blocks RF (radio frequency) signals from coming in or going out of the bag. This means that when inside a sealed SHIELDSAK, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices become electronically invisible. Phones won’t be able to connect to cell towers, Wi-Fi routers, or Bluetooth devices. ID chips in things such as passports and keycards cannot be scanned by nefarious passersby, and tracking of such devices is impossible.

SHIELDSAK was originally made for the US military and US government in order to provide rock-solid, virtually impenetrable electronic security for devices holding sensitive, classified information; and company President/CEO, Linda Kennedy, told me that SHIELDSAK underwent extensive testing by testing agencies to insure the bag designs were able to block snooping RF, Infrared, and Skim or Quick Scan technology.