LG Says Ole to OLED

LG announced a bewildering array of 4K Ultra HDTVs backlit either by LEDs or the new kid on the block, Quantum Dots.

All of the higher end designs above the new UF 7700 series use edge-lit local dimming (F stands for flat in LG terminology to distinguish the flat sets from the curved models). There are no full array backlit local dimming sets in LG’s new 2015 lineup, though a prototype High Dynamic Range (HDR) LCD model with that feature was shown in private (see my earlier LG report.

But the big news for videophiles is a significant number of new LG OLED sets at 55-, 65-, and 77-inches. All of the OLEDs are 4K, and there are both flat and curved designs. There’s even one that can be remotely adjusted from flat to curved! No prices were given, and all of the new sets will launch in the second half of the year.