LG's Web OS 2 Integrates Live TV

LG demonstrated its newly designed Web OS 2 that will be available on their 2015 TVs. Web OS has a number of new streaming partners and will now include integration when connected to your set top box. Users will be able to display program guides from their TV provider and control a connected set top box then quickly switch to other apps including online streaming services. Favorite channels can be added to a carousel at the bottom of the screen for quick access in the same manner that streaming apps are accessed.

Streaming 4K content will be available via the usual suspects—Netflix, Amazon, and later YouTube—as well as on the GoPro channel. The GoPro channel will show the best uploaded 4k videos from the new GoPro Hero 4 cameras, but is for showing your own 4K GoPro videos.

For anyone (like me) who is unclear about the name “Web OS,” it is the name that LG gives its smart TVs platform. Web OS is not an actual web browser, nor does it look or act like one. It will be available when the 2015 TV models are released.