LG Wins the Skinny Sweepstakes

This edge-on shot shows just how thing the flat (not curved) LG Signature OLED display really is. As I noted in the LG press conference report, it's less than 2.6 mm thick. It does thicken out a bit more near the bottom; the electronics have to go somewhere!

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I've hung a number of "thin" TVs. I've found them so flexible that it's scary. If fact if they are tilted up or down once hung the screen flexes and the image is bowed/distorted. For me thin is a point of concern that potentially creates one more problem that needs to be checked before purchase.


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I suspect one reason for curved TVs (though not the most important reason) is that curving a screen makes is more rigid and less susceptible to such flexing.
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Did Sir Mix-a-lot help with this TV?