LG Web OS 3.0 Magically Connects to Mobile Devices

The 2016 lineup of LG’s smart TVs will continue to use their own operating system, Web OS. This year’s new Magic Mobile feature is the ability to connect to a smartphone in its own unique way. Rather than mirroring a phone, or casting from different apps, the TV connects to the phone, finds its media—photos, videos, music—and apps, and makes it available in its own user interface on the TV. The TV recognizes the mobile device automatically as soon as it connects to the home network. Uses the LGTV plus displays whatever apps are on a Android or iOS phone. Once on the TV, users can click on an app to interact with it on the big screen.

The phone’s music library can be played using Web OS 3.0. Songs and Albums are displayed in a corner of the screen using a flip-carousel to browse and find the desired song. Once the music is chosen, a user can turn the TV screen off, blackening the display while continuing to listen to music.

The Web OS 3.0 will be on LG smart TVs including the OLED and Super UHDs available later this year.