LG Plasmas

For as long as I've been attending CES, the first press conference of the show has always been LG's, and as in years past, the place was packed at 8:00 AM. The company introduced its new Infinia line of flat panels, including the plasmas shown here—from left to right, the PK750, PK550, and flagship PK950. (Actually, the PK550 is not part of the Infinia line, which is characterized by a single piece of glass that extends across the screen and bezel.)

Like most of LG's new TVs, these include wireless HDMI capabilities using the WHDI 5GHz system, and some also offer the ability to use Skype directly from the TV with the addition of a webcam. Screen sizes will include 42, 50, and 60 inches, and they should be available in the spring and summer, but no pricing was announced.