Laptop Sooloos

Sooloos, manufacturer of server-based home entertainment systems, was recently acquired by Meridian, well known for their luxury AV products. The Sooloos has been considered one of the most intuitive and user friendly (as well as costly) media servers available. The merge with Meridian is a great fit for both companies.

Here at the show Sooloos announced the Control 20 Tabletop Touch Screen controller. They integrate Meridian’s SpeakerLink inter-component connectivity, as well as legacy-standard Meridian Comms, creating a fully integrated and simple Meridian/Sooloos system.The 15-inch Control 20 incorporate on-board S/PDIF coaxial digital outputs, permitting it to function as a complete Sooloos “zone” with the addition of any Meridian Digital Loudspeakers. It, of course, continues to use its famous user interface for accessing digital media files. Yes, the new controller alone is $3,500, however, one should associate Sooloos with that old axiom–if you have to ask the price, you probably can't afford it.