Kevo Offers a Touching Way to Unlock Your Door

Kevo is a Bluetooth-enabled motorized deadbolt that turns your smartphone into an electronic key (eKey). When your phone is close enough for Bluetooth communication to be established, the eKey allows the deadbolt to recognize and respond to the touch of a finger. In other words, if you come home with groceries in both arms, the Kevo app will automatically put the Kevo deadbolt into a touch-receptive mode. (A blue LED circle around the key lock flashes to notify you that it’s ready.) Then a simple finger touch causes the Kevo to automatically unlock. The Kevo doesn’t use fingerprint recognition, though. So as long as your smartphone is within range (Bluetooth range is typically no more than 10 meters), anyone can touch deadbolt and unlock it. The Kevo is available in three finishes (Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze, and Polished Brass) for $219. The Kevo runs on four (included) AA batteries, which - according to the manufacturer, Kwikset – should last for approximately one year, depending on usage.

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