Kaleidescape’s Third Gen Movie Store Goes 4K

Movie server giant, Kaleidescape, looks to definitively answer the question, “How do I get content for my new 4K TV?!?” with the launch of the company’s third-generation movie store which will feature the largest selection of full-resolution, 4K Ultra HD titles for download and viewing on the company’s new line of Encore players and servers.

Since the inception of the Kaleidescape Movie Store in 2011, the company’s goal has been to provide Kaleidescape customers with the easiest access to movies in no compromise, pristine, identical-to-disc-quality. Even four years later, Kaleidescape remains the only download platform delivering films in full Blu-ray quality, 1080p video along with lossless, multi-channel audio, including Dolby Atmos. To date the company has licensed over 11,000 movies and 1,500 TV seasons from a majority of major movie studios.

With new licensing in place, the third generation store will launch with over 100 4K Ultra HD titles for viewing on the company’s new line of Encore players, the largest selection of 4K content currently available. (More about Kaleidescape’s new Encore line of players can be found here.) Kaleidescape will offer and support HDR titles as they become available.

In line with delivering the ultimate viewing experience, 4K content downloaded from the Movie Store to new Encore players will support bitrates up to 100 Mbps, delivering unrivaled picture and sound quality, and giving viewers pristine quality from each of the 8,294,400 pixels they paid for. Company co-founder and CEO, Cheena Srinivasan, commented people don’t need numbers and specs but rather only need to judge with their eyes to see how superior Kaleidescape’s video quality is compared with Internet 4K streaming alternatives.

Downloaded content will also feature the benefit of near-instantaneous start-up and playback, and won’t be subject to any buffering or streaming bitrate caps. Most 4K titles are expected to sell for approximately $30 and to be available in Q1, 2016.