JVC HD-52Z575 HD-ready rear-projection D-ILA monitor Calibration


Before calibration, at its Low color-temperature setting, the JVC HD-52Z585 tracked more uniformly—within 300 kelvins—than do most RPTVs at their factory settings, and admirably closer to ideal than most, averaging around 9500K. After calibration, tracking was less consistent, with color temperatures as much as 350K above 6500K at 40 IRE and below, and an overall variation of 550K across the range. ISF calibrator Kevin Miller gave the HD-52Z585 a failing grade in terms of added false detail on test patterns. This false detail—which looked much like edge enhancement—was not defeatable, but was not intrusive on normal program material. He gave the JVC a score of 8 out of 10 in terms of ambient light rejection.—MF