JBL and the Fives

JBL showed, but did not demonstrate, its new Studio 5 series. Intriguingly styled, with the tweeter horn cleverly incorporated into the cabinet structure, it consists of 5 models: the Studio 530 bookshelf ($689/pr), the Studio 580 tower with dual 6.5-inch woofers ($899 each), the Studio 590 with dual 8-inch woofers ($1119 each), the Studio 520C center, and the Studio 550P sub ($689).

Seth G.'s picture

The styling reminds me of the Jadis Eurythmie from years past
and just like the Jadis - there will probably be comparisons with yosemite sam not that that's a bad thing - It's the first thing I thought of when I saw the styling
I find the Jadis interesting to look at and I do like the styling of these
The big question is how do they sound.

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I had to go to Google Images to see what a Jadis Eurythmie looked like and indeed there certainly is a similarity to these nicely designed JBLs.

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JBL as the world leader brings to you pro sound, real live or cinema sound. It's fabulous. So in hi fi there is still the bass problem..
JBL propose unrivaled bass cabinets (you can choose in JBL pro line, sound will be famous) and CROWN amps to drive them (rather less expensive than some hi fi amps not so good !)
See CROWN XTI serie.
About studio 5 serie, they have an AWARD this year 2011.
Remember than JBL is a real factory where all loudspeakers are built (80% of the others never have built one loudspeaker !) with more than 60 years of the greatest experience and knowledge.
Best regard