It's the Year for 3D

Every five years or so it always looks like 3D TV is ready to take the big leap from cheese to prime time. This time, though, it really does look like truly watchable, enjoyable 3D TV is just around the corner. Not more than 100 yards from one another, TI and Mitsubishi showed demonstrations of 3D TV technology using shutter-style glasses synched by infrared emitters. Both demos including original 3D material as well as 2D video that had been "upconverted" to 3D. The calibre of the 3D images varied depending on the subject material and the company doing the conversion. Mitsubishi and Samsung are going to be offering 3D-upgradeable DLP rear-pro sets now or in the very near future.

Brendan's picture

This tech is one of the reasons (among many) that I was attracted to the Samsung HL-T5687 that was just recently reviewed on the site. Unfortunately, that review (coupled with my mom's incredible Panasonic plasma with its insane black levels) is making me rethink the decision. As cool as it would be to have 3D tech... I dunno. I'm looking forward to some reviews of this stuff, but unfortunately it seems like that may be a ways off. I've been waiting a long time for the retro-fitted blockbusters of decades past (Star Wars, which I hear was on display, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, etc) to finally make an appearance. If only this TV had gotten a better review :(

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I wear glasses, lots of people wear glasses; some how I don't see 3D going mainstream untill wearing gogels is eliminated.

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Philips puts the glasses over each pixel instead of the viewer. Thats the future.

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Until then Sony lcd xbr5 is the best right with Pioneer.