Is that an iPod in your pocket?

0606_rp_gear200Whatever your personal-portable pleasure, you can hide it away with the latest in Father's Day fashions (clockwise from above): ScotteVest's Hidden Cargo Pants ($80) have 11 pockets to help you mobilize with ease. They're 100% cotton and designed for everyday use. But if you want to get serious, the company's Tactical Version 4.0 jacket ($230) "will please both 'techies' and undercover law-enforcement personnel alike" with its 40 (count 'em!) pockets and compartments. It has a waterproof Finetex shell and a Coolmax mesh lining. ( ScotteVest's TEC hat ($20) has a couple of pockets as well as side loops to help hold your headphone cord.

Not exactly sure how to thread it through your threads? Just follow the company's handy diagram (below)! Koyono's BlackCoat Work (from $250), available in cotton or nylon and designed for the iPod, has player controls embedded in a panel of ElekTex Smart Fabric. Let your clothing do the cueing! (


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