PHT Goes into 2007 Edition

We interrupt this blog to bring you a commercial message about Practical Home Theater: A Guide to Video and Audio Systems (2007 Edition). Now moving into its sixth edition, it is the only annually updated book on home theater. This year the looong chapters on digital television and surround sound have been compassionately subdivided and reorganized. There are 40 more pages of content than in the first edition, including 16 new pages for this edition alone. Digital, or "on demand," printing technology lets me refresh the book every October, pulling the old edition and activating the new one. However, there are still old editions in the pipeline, and if you search the title on retailer sites, the new edition may not be the first to come up. Further complicating this year's switchover is the transition from the 10-digit International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to the new 13-digit variety on January 1, 2007. To ensure that you order the latest edition, look for the following identifiers...

  • Snazzy new red cover
  • "2007 Edition" in title, and printed on spine
  • ISBN-10: 193273208X
  • ISBN-13: 9781932732085 ...or simply go to the Quiet River Press website and follow the links to retail sites. They'll take you directly to the new edition. The price is still $19.95. We now resume our regularly scheduled blogging.

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    Mark, I have a question unrelated to this topic. Are there any receivers on the market today with sd memory slots for memory cards? All the computers have them and it's easy to load up tons of songs on them. I'd love to use the memory cards in my stereo if possible. Any adaptive devices that might work as well on a Yamaha receiver that's about three years old? Thanks for any information.

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    Your best bet is to plug a PC with card reader into your TV.I'm sorry, but I will not respond to any more posts that are totally off-subject. Address them to