Integra Newest, Baddest Assest Pre-Pro Ever!

Now you can ISF calibrate each of the four HDMI inputs on Integra's new flagship DHC 9.9 pre-pro. Differences between your setup box, BD player and gaming machine can be leveled before hitting your display device. Prior to this, your choices were calibrate your device for the "best" of your sources., or calibrate them all in your display device and remember to switch between the memories manually (remember, they're hitting your display via a single HDMI cable), and that's only if your projector or flat screen had that many memories! Integra worked extensively with Joel Silver of the ISF to make sure this worked right and the DHC 9.9, as well Integra's two top AVRs, the DTR-9.9 and DTR-8.9, get this ISF capability and that elusive seal of approval.

There's a lot more to the DHC 9.9 though than ISFness. This THX Ultra2 Plus certified pre has balanced and single ended 7.1 outputs, the full Audyssey Dynamic EQ ad Dynamic Volume, Sirius/XM readiness, two HDMI outputs, HQV Reaon-VX processing (and that's why it puts out as much heat as many AVRs) for scaling of digital sources to 1080p, analog sources to 1080i. Of course, it does in-process Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD MA as well. And unlike most pre-pros, the DHC-9.9 connects to Internet radio and even includes terrestrial AM/FM and HD radio tuners. It's going for $2,000 which, pinch me, is a steal!