Infinity Reference Series Surround

The bipolar dual tweeters on the opposing front faces of the Infinity Reference Series surround speaker are said to produce a very uniform front dispersion. The mid/bass driver is mounted on the back, where a metal bracket keeps it spaced out from the wall by a couple of inches.

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IMHO The original surround speakers that came out in the late nineties did a lot better job of adhering to the intent of Tom Holman's original THX home specification because the mid-tweet driver(s) faced toward the front and back walls, relying on pure reflection off said walls to develop the illusion of an immersive experience when the listener was seated on, or a little forward or back of 90 degrees off the center-line. By the size of the midrange-tweeter drivers I'm guessing woofer to midrange crossover of this new Infinity Reference Surround may be crossed over close to the THX spec of 350Hz. But because the drivers appear to be located on 135 degree included angle surfaces the listener, because he will not be seated in a null zone, will hear a combination of reflected and direct sound. Note, however, IMHO the switchable bipole/dipole design of the Infinity Beta Surround speaker I designed in 2004 was also a compromised approximation of Tom Holman's THX home spec ideal.