Infinity Reference Series Center

Brent Butterworth covers the details on the new Infinity Reference Series below. Here’s a look at the three-way center ($499). Its vertical orientation for the midrange and tweeter is, in my opinion, the only proper way to design a center channel speaker —other than using a speaker identical to the left and right, which can only work if the screen is very high or acoustically transparent, or the system is used for music only with no images.

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Brent is correct. As the designer of most of the long out of production Infinity Beta series speakers I concur. The only way to properly design a three-way center is to have the mid and center aligned vertically, preferably with the woofer-to-mid crossed over down to at least 600Hz or so. Otherwise, if you're seated on center you can still hear the left and right woofer's location if you listen closely or turn your head.