iHome's CES "Power" Play

iHome has put a "powerful" and clever spin on the classic Bluetooth speaker: Its new line of Kineta speakers integrate a removable 2600 mAh battery pack whose purpose is to charge your other portable devices.

The cylindrical "K-CELL" chargers dock in the speaker cabinet and pop up and out for use at the push of an eject button.

Two models include the iKN105 Bluetooth clock radio ($100), to which the compact charging stick would presumably be returned at the end of a day so it could be replenished in its dock overnight and popped back out and into your pocket the next morning. A second model,the iKN-150 ($150), is a true Bluetooth stereo portable with an integrated lithium ion battery. Extra K-CELL sticks should cost $25 each.

The Kineta models are expected to be available by late spring.