HP PL5060N Plasma

  • $1,799
  • 50" Plasma
  • 1366x768
  • Key Connections: One HDMI and two component inputs, one PC/DVI input
Features We Like: OTA HD tuner

Features We Miss: Only one HDMI input, not OK even on a cheaper set

HP might be known as a computer manufacturer, but sets like this could change that in a hurry. At just $1,799 for a 50" high-def plasma, the PL5060N is locked firmly in the budget category. But its performance is at another level. Although the HP's poor deinterlacing dictates that 480p signals or higher be used, the image is punchy with strong subjective contrast in scenes light and dark, and both the color and detail stand out. In short, this HP offers a lotta flat screen for little cash.

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