House of Marley Stirs it Up At CES

House of Marley is making a splash at CES with a new collection of products with an interesting and unique twist. Many of the new products feature Rewind fabric, made from 30% organic cotton, 40% recycled plastic bottles, and 30% hemp. Yup. That hemp. Other products feature Regrind, made from recycled cork and silicone.

Included in the lineup is the Get Together Mini,a customizable compact speaker using the Rewind fabric and natural bamboo. It has voice prompts for pairing guidance and an AUX input for better sound quality. Also new at CES is the Riddim BT Bluetooth speaker. It’s also beautifully wrapped in bamboo, setting it apart from the thousands of plastic speakers on the market today. The Voyage wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones are also made from bamboo, which helps protect them against sweat.

Another new item in the House of Marley lines is the Stir It Up turntable. It has a built-in pre-amp that can connect directly to the Get Together speaker. The turntable features a Regrind silicone platter, and it has a similar, natural bamboo look that blends in with the rest of the Marley lineup.