The House of HEOS

HEOS is Denon’s answer to the question, “Who on the planet can come up with a wireless, streaming music system that’s even close to sounding as good and being as easy to use as the ever-popular Sonos system?” The much-anticipated system, officially called HEOS by Denon, is being introduced at CEDIA EXPO 2014.

The HEOS system currently consists of three all-in-one wireless/wired speaker systems: the HEOS 3, HEOS 5, and HEOS 7 ($299, $399, and $599 respectively). The ported, dual-driver HEOS 3 is wall-mountable (using threaded inserts on the back) and can be used either vertically or horizontally. The larger five-driver HEOS 5 includes a built-in handle. The largest model, the seven-driver (five active plus two passive) HEOS 7 includes five Class D amps and is capable of filling large rooms with high-performance sound.

The HEOS system also includes the 100-watt x 2 HEOS Amp ($499) that includes an optical digital input, an auxiliary analog stereo input, and a subwoofer output. The non-powered HEOS Link ($349) adds coaxial and optical digital outputs, a 12-volt trigger output, and an IR-emitter output for power, volume, and input selection control of an external AVR.

All of the above HEOS by Denon system components are available now directly from Denon or at select retailers.

jnemesh's picture

HEOS is the very first wireless audio system that I feel gives Sonos a run for their money. The sound quality of the HEOS 3, 5, and especially the 7 are excellent, but where the system REALLY shines is with their HEOSLINK pre-amp! This allows you to connect your Denon AVR to the system, and lets the HEOS app power on your AVR when it's selected as a playback zone and control volume from the app! Seamless integration. It also allows you to take your optical output from your TV, and input that as a source for the entire HEOS you can follow the ball game when you run to the kitchen for snacks.

The app (at least for Android) seems solid, with few bugs, and fairly intuitive and easy to use.

I think HEOS is a real winner, and should do very well out in the market!