Hope I Die Before I Get Old

At the Classic press event, Michael Fremer correctly identified "Leeds" as the venue where the jam from the side long version of "My Generation," from the album "Live at Leeds" was played thus winning the test pressing. There was one guy from Italy there that might not have been able to guess that. However, Michael managed to guess before the needle hit the mystery groove. A clear case of "I can name that tune in no notes" if I ever saw one.

More important news, however. Mr. Fremer has come out with a DVD that will help vinyl lovers properly setup up their systems. He'll cover the basics and a few tweaks no doubt and I can't think of anyone better qualified to do this.

Of course, if you haven't set up your DVD player so you can watch Michael, I'm here to announce I'm working on a deal with Classic to come out with a record that explains how to hook a DVD player up to your TV.