Hisense Makes High Sense

In addition to its Laser Cast short throw projectors (shown further down in the blogs), Hisense brought along a wide range of flat screen LCD sets. The flagship H10 range consists of the 70H10D 70-incher ($6000) and an upcoming 75H10D ($TBD).

Both models employ full backlit local dimming plus compatibility with both HDR10 and Dolby Vision. There will also be local dimming in the H9 range, but it edge lit; the only Hisense sets with full array local dimming its are the H10s.

The flat screen 70H10D is shown here on the left. On the right is the 65MU9600X3DDUC. It's a curved screen design, and its price is also $TBD. Hisense is downplaying curved sets (smart move), which may explain the impossible to remember model name.

I've noted elsewhere that no manufacturers this year were highlighting 8K sets at CES 2017. I was wrong. Hisense did show an 8K design, but it was a prototype shown without any fanfare or production claims. Good. With industry and public attention on the 4K revolution, we don't need any distracting, 8K pie-in-the-sky hoopla.