Hisense Demos New WCG Technology, Unveils Bigger, Brighter TVs

Hisense announced today at its CES press conference that it will expand its selection of 75-inch 4K LCD TVs and unveil 4K sets that are brighter than last year’s models and use more than 1,000 back-lit local-dimming zones to enhance contrast.

As it did at 2018 CES, Hisense will also demonstrate an 8K TV but has not announced when it will be available. The set features color-gamut-widening quantum-dot display technology.

The Chinese electronics maker also expanded its selection of Android TVs and continues to offer Roku TVs.

In 4K TV, the company is expanding its 75-inch offerings to at least three models, including a new 75-inch U9F Android TV (pictured at left) that delivers 2,200 nits of peak brightness and features more than 1,000 zones of contrast-enhancing back-lit local dimming zones. That’s up from a maximum of 600 nits and 16 zones in the company’s 2018 U.S. lineup, which did not include an originally planned 2,000-nit model with more than 1,000 dimming zones.

In technology demos, Hisense unveiled ULED XD (Extreme Density) technology in a 4K TV to widen color gamut to 99.98% of the DCI P3 cinema standard and boost brightness to more than 2,900 peak nits. That’s up from 2,000 nits and 95% of P3 in a 75-inch 4K TV shipped in China in 2018. The ULED XD TV will be available in China, and the company is exploring the possibility of U.S. sales.

Also to expand color gamut, Hisense is demoing its first triple-laser 4K Laser TV projection system, which delivers a “near-infinite array of colors” via separate red, green, and blue lasers, the company said. The triple-laser 100L7T (pictured at right) consists of an ultra-short-throw laser projector with built-in ATSC TV tuner, smart-TV OS, built-in speakers, and included 100-inch projection screen. The 100L7T will be available in China, and the company is considering distribution in the U.S.; Hisense currently sells 100- and 120-inch 4K laser projection systems here.

Another potential U.S. product is the 65-inch Hisense Sonic One TV, called the world’s thinnest self-contained LCD TV and the world’s thinnest 65-inch TV. Its speakers and AV inputs aren’t outboarded in a separate box as is the case with other thin TVs, the company said. The Hisense model is less than one-quarter-inch deep at its thinnest point and less than 1-inch-deep at its thickest point. The frame is only one-eighth-inch wide. It will ship in China, with U.S. distribution being explored.

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Last year they completely shunned the US market with that 1000 zone tv. Didn't say a word about postponing the launch till 2019. It released in the UK maybe 5 months ago. Who knows if they'll follow through this time. PLus last years 1000 zone model had some very mediocre results for the price and hype.