Highlights from Audio Advice Live 2023

The Audio Advice Live home entertainment show that ended yesterday in Raleigh, North Carolina was a resounding success. Some of the event’s biggest moments were documented by S&V editor Mark Henninger, who will post more in-depth show coverage in coming days.

Home Theater to Die For
Barco teams with Focal and StormAudio to present a killer system featuring a 9.4.4-channel sound and a 173-inch CinemaScope screen.

Ultimate Speakers Revealed
Monitor Audio design director Charles Minett tells the story behind the brand’s remarkable Hyphn speakers.

Using AI to Improve Motion Processing
MadVR founder and CEO Richard Litofsky explains how his company is using artificial intelligence for motion interpolation to make video look better than ever.

"The Large" is a Prototype Vented Horn Subwoofer that Hits 18 Hz.
Klipsch Audio Engineer Roy Delgado discusses "The Large" a new, horn-loaded subwoofer that was shown adding low end to a pair of Klipschorns, cleanly extending their bass response while keeping up with their prodigious output.

Sony and KEF Team Up for a Home Theater Demo
Sony and KEF put on a great show with a STR-AZ7000ES AVR powered audio system using six KEF Q950 speakers and a Q650 center channel speaker… plus four Kube12 subs and four Ci200RR speakers in the ceiling to complement the VPL-XW7000ES projector illuminating a Stewart Filmscreen screen.

Ultimate Affordable Home Theater Seating
Audio Advice president Scott Newnam introduces the amazing(ly) comfortable Revelation Power Chair.

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A few sneak peeks...

Grand Wagoneer with McIntosh audio system

A triple-screen simulator system using Epson and KEF gear

JBL showed up with party speakers and a DJ rig

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