The High-Tech Solution to Remote Control Lost and Found

Admit it: At some point you’ve wandered around your house looking for the remote control. Or maybe it was your car keys. Or your wallet. Whatever. You’ve spent long, panicked minutes hunting through pants' pockets, couch cushions and looking under furniture trying to find some small device before. Now Stick N Find has an affordable 21st Century way to help you find your stuff!

The Stick N Find system is comprised of small tags that you attach to any object that you want to keep tabs on and a smart phone app that works with iOS and Android devices that support Bluetooth Smart like the Samsung S3, S4 and Note 2. The tags are roughly the size of a quarter and have a 150 feet range and 1 year battery life and stick via 3M VHB adhesive that adheres to almost anything.

Once the app is installed and paired to your tags, you can either use the “radar” search feature in the app to track the object down, or set an alert to notify you if an object leaves a certain range. This could be perfect for walking a pet or talking a wandering child to a crowded place like CES. You can also display your stickers on a map as “last place seen” to help track them down. The app can track and find up to 20 items and can be paired to multiple devices.

Stick N Find is available now and comes in packs of two ($49) and four ($89) tags.