HES 2006

I hope you all will join us, if you’re in LA, for the Home Entertainment Show 2006. It’s at the Sheraton Gateway next to scenic LAX. If you want to see me make a fool of myself, I’ll be leading a panel discussion on Saturday at 2:00.

Today was press day, and Sony made public what I had mentioned before as a probably-will-be-but-it’s-not-yet-announced. Their Blu-ray player will output 1080p, and it will scale DVDs to 1080p as well. They’ll have six new Bravia models, all with 1080p HDMI inputs. Interestingly, you will be able to purchase different colored bezels for these LCDs.

Their SXRD line expands with the “A-Series” that will have a 50-inch ($3,500), 55 ($4,000), and 60-inch ($4,500) models, all with 1080p HDMI inputs. Lastly, there will be two new XBR SXRD models at 60-inches ($5,300) and 70 ($7,800) that also have 1080p HDMI inputs.

I’ll post pictures of the show along with whatever I can take pictures of at the Blu-ray event at Sony Studios tomorrow, sometime… Right now I’m leaving my house at 7:30 and getting home around 11:00 so this pic is all I have energy for at the moment.

Oh, and if you do come to the show, drop by the HTGamer Gaming Pavilion and say “hi” if you see me.

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*drool* I assume no release dates on the new SXRD line? I'm ready to buy today!

Geoffrey Morrison's picture

The XBRs are "fall" and the smaller SXRDs are "summer".

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Hi Geoff,Regarding Sony's KDL46XB2, is this one of the televisions that de-interlace properly. If so, is that something that will benefit the consumer while watching broadcast/cable television, or is it something that will only be useful while watching true 1080p material?also, on a different topic, do you have any threads discussing which shows a better, clearer HD plasma vs LCD...I'm torn between the 50" Pioneer 1140HD and the Sony 46" KDL46XBR2Thanks,-Dave

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Meier,repealer Holocene negation comb ... Thanks!!!