Harman Kardon Previews Multiroom Wireless Audio System

Harman Kardon offered a sneak peek of its forthcoming Wi-Fi-based Omni system, which comprises the stylish Omni 10 ($200) and Omni 20 ($300) wireless speakers plus Adapt ($130), a module for adding wireless capability to an existing home stereo system.

The multiroom system supports Bluetooth streaming from smartphones and tablets and can be controlled via the Harman Kardon Controller App or buttons on the speaker, which means you don’t need to have a phone or tablet handy to operate the system. Using the buttons or the app you can select music, skip tracks, adjust volume and decide where the music plays; you can stream different songs to Omni speakers in different rooms, group rooms together, or activate Party Mode, which plays the same tune on all Omni speakers throughout the house.

Harman says the system is kept up to date through automatic software upgrades and improvements delivered over Wi-Fi. The system also has an open programming interface, which makes it possible to customize and personalize system functionality.