Hang It. Paint It. Watch It.

Vogel's has an alternative to standard projection screens. It comes in a can, and it's called Mighty Brighty. Vogel's says the process is as easy as picking a wall and picking up a paintbrush. The screen paint comes in three different packages: the MPW 10 with enough pre-mixed paint and base coat to cover five square meters; the MPW 20 with enough material to cover up to six square meters plus ContrastBooster and BrightnessBooster paint components that can be used to customize the performance of the screen to match your projector; and the MPW 30 that contains enough paint to cover an entire wall so the screen is invisible when you're not watching TV.

Along with the screen paint, Vogel's showed off their new quick-release projector mounts that allow you to remove your projector from the wall mount and move it to a ceiling or table mount with a quick twist of the wrist.

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We have big house and as I remember, it was very and very difficult to mix and count several components of this product and the result was not that we expected. So after that we have chosen the product Paint On Screen from paintonscreen.lt and became very happy, cause that is much simpler!