GoRave Plays Audio from Any Device Anywhere

GoRave says its “wireless” audio distribution system makes it possible (and easy) to use any app on any smart device to play audio in one or multiple rooms. The key to the system is are wireless transmitters, called “Audio Senders”, which are designed to be used with a variety of smart devices (Android and iOS), as well as with computers via a universal USB dongle. The Audio Senders wirelessly transmit the audio from whatever is being played on the device to one or more of GoRave’s 5-channel AR5 Audio Receivers. Because the Audio Senders simply transmit whatever audio is being output on the Android or iOS device, the user can listen to Spotify, NetFlix, YouTube, or some other source of audio - including Skype calls - through the connected speakers in the home.

GoRave does not use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for its wireless connectivity. The Audio Senders automatically connect with the Audio Receiver, so setup is extremely simple; and there’s no pairing or identifying of devices required for the system to work. All that’s required is that the Audio Sender be plugged in to the smart device.

Multiple Audio Receivers can be integrated into the system for expansion beyond five rooms of speakers. The 150-watt (total) Audio Receivers are designed to handle two L+R stereo pairs of speakers along with one mono speaker. They do not currently have the capability of independent volume control for each set of speakers, so GoRave suggests using traditional wired, in-wall volume controls. The company expects to add independent volume control to the Audio Receiver in the second quarter of next year.

Pricing for the GoRave Audio Receiver is $934.46, and it includes one USB Audio Sender. Additional USB Audio Senders are available for $37.80. Android and iOS Audio Senders will be available for approximately $60. A system package including two pair of GoRave in-ceiling speakers plus an outdoor speaker are available for $1,293.93.