GoldenEar Rethinks 2 Tritons, Unveils SuperSub X

GoldenEar is thinking big with two new towers and small with a new sub.

GoldenEar's Triton Two+ and Triton Three+ have been upgraded to adopt the same lively sonic signature as the Triton One. Improvements to the fabric-covered wedges include balanced crossovers, new mid-bass drivers, and better bass tuning for the built-in powered five- by nine-inch quadratic bass drivers. Pricing is $3500/pair for the Triton Two+ and $2500/pair for the Triton Three+.

GoldenEar also showed the SuperSub X ($1249) whose opposed eight-inch woofers are driven by a 1400-watt amp with 56-bit DSP. Demoed with video game material, it woofed way beyond anything its size would suggest.